24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell!

  • 28 Sep 2012
  • 30 Sep 2012
  • Horseshoe Canyon Ranch

2012 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell rules

The premise for 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell is leading a route clean for points, and doing that in succession for 24 hours straight. Team members will not have to climb the same routes, but will only get points for lines that they climb. Individual scores will be tallied as a team total. This way a 5.9 climber can match with a 5.12 climber and make a team.  however, this year we add a new category to the mix which will award equally yolked teams: Recreational, intermediate and advanced team awards.  to be eligible for the team awards, both climbers must be registered in the same category level.  Strategy is the key. In addition, within the team competition there will be an individual category. Participants must register and compete as a team, but will also be rewarded on individual performance.

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